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Hi there,

my name is Immanuel, you can call me Immi. I´m here to inspire, to create and hold a space for you, where we can grow together, flow naturally and meet each other through movement.
I am a passionate surfing soul, travelled around the globe to experience myself in nature and different surroundings. I played basketball for a long time and went through almost all conventional sports during my studies.

With passing time, a feeling gruadually grew stronger that there must be more than just excelling in a specific discipline. How can I get aware of the needs from my body? How can I get and stay healthy? How can I practice to express myself in a conscious and creative way? How can I practice to move through different sports and life situations most comfortably?

Freedom of Movement opened a door for me, to find my inner joy again, my nature, inner child, and since that, I can´t stop to move, play and dance. My purpose is to share my experience and knowledge, together with you in practice.

I will give you different tools to find more balance and health and I will guide your mind and your soul.

Let´s come together, let´s move together, let´s transform.

Move­ment Gruppe Leipzig

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