Open Floor Practice

An Introduction to Open Floor Practice

We live in times of constant change, rapid development, technological momentum. These are
interesting times and, at the same time, times of growing anxiety. We are falling to extremes.
On the one hand, we can no longer function without a digital world, and on the other hand, we
increasingly long for real human contact, touch, warmth and empathy.

Dance allows us to experience ourselves in a fluid, soulful and connected state. In dance, we
connect to our source of power, the source of life itself.
However, for many of us, it is a challenge to transfer those qualities into our day-to-day lives.
It is a challenge for us to share with the world our authenticity, our uniqueness, and our
undeniable Self.

We lose connection with ourselves amidst the demands and expectations of daily life. Yet we
long to show up and be real, truthful and honest in our relationships, our careers, and our
lifestyles. We often miss the structure and support that might help us transfer those skills that
we discover on the dance floor into our lives.

Open Floor is a somatic movement practice that builds muscular and emotional intelligence. It
is an attempt to respond to the pains of the modern world – for all of us as human beings.
and it’s also an introduction to the workshop EMBODIED DESIRE which will take place in
January 2020.

There are no steps to learn. The invitation is to come just as you are, all parts are welcome,
sometimes solo, coming together in partnership and gathering as a circle.

48 euro – after October 23 rd and paid at the door
(10 euro discount for student – please bring proof)

Helena Martin
+49 157 3540 4739
The minimum number of participants: 8